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Links on Personal Bottled Water:

- Plastic Water Bottles Not Being Recycled

- High Costs Of A Bottle Of Water

- MSNBC - Plastic Bottles Pile Up

- Water, Water and Wasted Plastic Bottles Everywhere

- Plastic Bottles Are Everywhere

- Don't Drink The Water (PDF)

Green Links:

- NY Times - City Council Shuns Bottles In Favor Of Tap

- ABC News - Ditching Bottled Water To Go Green

- Bottled Water Discussion Paper

- Dasani to Bottle Oregon's Willamette River Water

Health and Science Links:

- CNN Video:- Drugs Found In Tap Water

- CBS News - Video: Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water

- Wall Street Journal - What's Coming From Your Tap?

- MSNBC - Video: How Safe Are Plastic Bottles?


The True Cost Of Bottled Water
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