Water Solutions of Long Island is a great company to work with. They are efficient and respond quickly to any questions or problems. Alan Goldberg is certainly a pleasure to work with. We currently are using 3 of their units.

Providing clean drinking water without use of plastics and hot water for tea at all 3 of our yoga locations has been a BOON. Alan has been helping us with this for years and years. The service is simple and clear and Alan has been a pleasure to work with. I can't imagine being able to host people in such a generous way at the studios without these wonderful Bottle-less Water Coolers. It’s an automatic upgrade for any professional service oriented environment, or your personal home, and is in harmony with mother earth.

Thank you very much for bringing this opportunity to the MIYJCC. Going bottle-less has solved so many problems including escalating costs, bottle storage space and running out of refills! Your service is great and the water tastes fresh and clean. We have 5 units being used by both students, patrons and staff. I would highly recommend your company.

My company has been working with Alan Goldberg and his TEAM since 2016. We liked the Bottle-less Coolers so much that we installed 2 in our Ronkonkoma office, another in our Bay Shore satellite office and a 4th in my home. The 5-filter filtration process is superior, and the taste of the water is fantastic. Questions are responded to immediately and service, if necessary, is very timely. I would highly recommend Water Solutions of Long Island to anyone who is looking for a great, cost effective, solution for office water.